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QUESTION 1 You have a hybrid Exchange Server 2016 organization. Some of the mailboxes in the research department are hosted on-premises. Other mailboxes in the research department are stored in Microsoft Office 365. You need to search the mailboxes in the research department for email messages that contain a specific keyword in the message body. What should you do? A. From the Exchange Online Exchange admin center, search the delivery reports. B. Form the on-premises Exchange center, search the delivery reports. C. From the Exchange Online Exchange admin SY0-401 exam center, create a new In-Place eDiscovery & Hold. D. From the Office 365 Compliance Center, create a new Compliance Search. E. From the on-premises Exchange admin center, create a new In-Place eDiscovery & Hold. Correct Answer: E QUESTION 2 You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. You plan to enable Federated Sharing. You need to create a DNS record to store the Application Identifier (AppID) of the domain for the federated trust. Which type of record should you create? A. A B. CNAME C. SRV D. TXT Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3 Your company has an Exchange Server 2016 200-310 exam Organization. The organization has a four- node database availability group (DAG) that spans two data centers. Each data center is configured as a separate Active Directory site. The data centers connect to each other by using a high-speed WAN link. Each data center connects directly to the Internet and has a scoped Send connector configured. The company's public DNS zone contains one MX record. You need to ensure that if an Internet link becomes unavailable in one data center, email messages destined to external recipients can 400-101 exam be routed through the other data center. What should you do? A. Create an MX record in the internal DNS zone B. B. Clear the Scoped Send Connector check box C. Create a Receive connector in each data center. D. Clear the Proxy through Client Access server check box Correct Answer: AQUESTION 4 Your network contains a single Active Directory forest. The forest contains two sites named Site1 and Site2. You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains two servers in each site. You have a database availability group (DAG) that spans both sites. The file share witness is in Site1. If a power failure occurs at Site1, you plan to mount the databases in Site2. When the power is restored in Site1, you Cisco CCNP Security 300-207 exam SITCS need to prevent the databases from mounting in Site1. What should you do? A. Disable AutoReseed for the DAG. B. Implement an alternate file share witness. C. Configure Datacenter Activation Coordination (DAC) mode. D. Force a rediscovery of the EX200 exam network when the power is restored. Correct Answer: C QUESTION 5 A new company has the following: Two offices that connect to each other by using a low-latency WAN link In each office, a data center that is configured as a separate subnet Five hundred users in each office You plan to deploy Exchange Server 2016 to the network. You need to recommend which Active Directory deployment to use to support the Exchange Server 2016 deployment What is the best recommendation to achieve the goal? A. Deploy two forests that each contains one site and one site link. Deploy two domain controllers to each forest. In each forest configure one domain controller as a global catalog server B. Deploy one forest that contains one site and one site link. Deploy four domain controllers. Configure all of the domain controllers as global catalog servers. C. Deploy one forest that contains two sites and two site links. Deploy two domain controllers to each site in each site, configure one domain controller as a global catalog server D. Deploy one forest that contains two sites and one site link. Deploy two domain controllers to each site. Configure both domain controllers as global catalog servers Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6 How is the IBM Content Template Catalog delivered for installation? A. as an EXE file B. as a ZIP file of XML files C. as a Web Appli cati on Archive file D. as a Portal Application Archive file Correct Answer: D QUESTION 7 Your company has a data center. The data center contains a server that has Exchange Server 2016 and the Mailbox server role installed. Outlook 300-101 exam anywhere clients connect to the Mailbox server by using thename The company plans to open a second data center and to provision a database availability group (DAG) that spans both data centers. You need to ensure that Outlook Anywhere clients can connect if one of the data centers becomes unavailable. What should you add to DNS? A. one A record B. two TXT records C. two SRV records D. one MX record Correct Answer: A QUESTION 8 You have an Exchange Server 2016 EX300 exam organization. The organization contains a database availability group (DAG). You need to identify the number of transaction logs that are in replay queue. Which cmdlet should you use? A. Test-ServiceHealth B. Test-ReplicationHealth C. Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup D. Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9 All users access their email by using Microsoft Outlook 2013 From Performance Monitor, you discover that the MSExchange Database\I/O Database Reads Average Latency counter displays values that are higher than normal You need to identify the impact of the high counter values on user connections in the Exchange Server organization. What are two client connections 400-051 exam that will meet performance? A. Outlook on the web B. IMAP4 clients C. mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync D. Outlook in Cached Exchange ModeE. Outlook in Online Mode Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 10 You work for a company named Litware, Inc. that hosts all email in Exchange Online. A user named User1 sends an email message to an Pass CISCO 300-115 exam - test questions external user User 1 discovers that the email message is delayed for two hours before being delivered. The external user sends you the message header of the delayed message You need to identify which host in the message path is responsible for the delivery delay. What should you do? A. Review the contents of the protocol logs. B. Search the message tracking logs. C. Search the delivery reports 200-355 exam for the message D. Review the contents of the application log E. Input the message header to the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer Correct Answer: E QUESTION 11 You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains three Mailbox servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table You have distribution group named Group1. Group1 contains three members. The members are configured as shown in the following table. You discover that when User1 sends email messages to Group1, all of the messages are delivered to EX02 first. You need to identify why the email messages sent to Group1 are sent to EX02 instead. What should you identify? A. EX02 is configured as an expansion server. B. The arbitration mailbox is hosted 300-320 exam on EX02.C. Site2 has universal group membership caching enabled. D. Site2 is configured as a hub site. Correct Answer: A
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Presidentes da Câmara Municipal de Limeira


A partir de 22 de julho de 1844

1844/1845 Cap. Manoel José de Carvalho
1845/1846 Cap. Antonio José da Silva
1846 a 1849 Cap. Manoel Ferraz de Camargo
1849 Tte. Joaquim da Silva Diniz
1850 Cap. Joaquim Claro
1850/1854/1855/1856 Cel. Rafael Antonio de Sampaio
1850/1851/1852 Cap. Manoel Joaquim da Silva Mello
1852 Major José Rodrigues Penteado
1853/1856 Prof. Justino Sampaio
1853/1854/1855/1857 Cap. Antonio Ferraz de Campos
1854/1855/1856/1857 Cel. Joaquim Sertório
1857/1858/1859/1860 Cap. Manoel Ferraz de Camargo
1858 Joaquim Claro Abreu
1859/60 Dionísio José Franco
1859 -1883/86 Cap. Manoel Ferraz Pacheco
1861/62/65 Cap. Cândido José de Campo Ferraz
1861 Cap. Francisco da Cunha Bueno
1862/64 Cap. João Soares Pompeo
1865/66/67/69/75/77/80 Cap. Lourenço Franco da Rocha
1865 José Bernardino de Castro Aguiar
1865/1866/1867/1868 Cel. Joaquim Sertório
1865/66/68 Cap. Antonio da Silveira Penteado
1865/73/74 Tte. Francisco Simões da Costa Moraes
1865/67/68 Francisco Eugênio das Chagas
1867/73/75/84/91 Cel. José Gonçalves de Sampaio
1869/70/71/72 Cap. Francisco Antonio Leite
1869/70 Dr. Paulo Egidio de Oliveira Carvalho
1869/70/74 Cel. José Joaquim de Abreu Sampaio
1869/71 Cap. Francisco Assis Silveira
1871/72/73 Cap. Bento da Silveira Franco
1872 Luiz Antonio de Sampaio
1873/1874/1875/1876 Cel. Joaquim Sertório
1875/78/79/80 Dr. José Felippe de Toledo
1876 Dr. Joaquim José Araújo Vianna Jr.
1877/79/83/84 Francisco Gonçalves da Silva
1879 José Pires da Silveira
1879 Dr. Francisco Franco da Rocha
1880 Cel. Thomaz da Cunha Bueno
1880/81 Dr. Evaristo de Araújo Cintra
1880/81 José Monteiro de Mendonça
1881/82 Cel. Flamínio Ferreira de Camargo
1881/82 Cap. Vicente José de Campos
1881 Dr. Virgílio Pires de Camargo
1883/85/86/92 José Machado de Barros
1887/89/90/92/93/94/95/96 Cap. Joaquim Maynert Kehl
1888/90/91/93/94/95 Cap. João Borges Sampaio
1888/1900 Cap. Manoel de Toledo Barros
1889 Dr. Ignacio de Mendonça Uchoa
1890/91 José Ferreira da Costa
1891 José Levy
1890/91 Fabrício Vampré
1891 Antonio Nunes dos Santos Monteiro
1891 Valêncio Augusto de Barros
1891 Firmino Pires da Mata
1891 Cel. Joaquim Antonio Machado de Campos
1891/92/93 Dr. Norberto de Campos Freire
1892/93 Cap. Pedro Rodrigues da Costa Dória
1892/93/96/97 Cap. Antonio Augusto Machado de Campos
1892/93 João Breno Camargo
1892 Cândido Pereira Gustavo
1892 José Joaquim de Oliveira
1892 Dr. Francisco Vieira de Almeida
1892/93/94 Major Antonio Machado de Barros
1894/95/96/97 Major Antonio Augusto Ferreira de Camargo
1896 Antonio Mariano da Silva Gordinho
1896/97/98 Major Vicente Ferreira Bittencourt
1897/1901/02/04 Joaquim Augusto de Barros Penteado
1898 Cap. José Machado de Campos
1898/1900/01 Dr. Antonio Ferraz de Sampaio
1899/1902/03/04/05/06/14/15/16 Cel. Joaquim Leite do Canto
1889/1900 Cândido Pereira Gustavo
1900/02/03 Cap. Antonio de Barros Ferraz
1898/1901/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12 Cel. Belisario Leite de Barros
1909 Major Arthur Sampaio
1901/1902 Dr. Gastão de Souza Mesquita
1905/07/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/24/25 Cap. Flamínio A. Toledo Barros
1910/29/30 Dr. Alfredo Ferra de Abreu
1907/08 Josino Moreira
1908 Dr. José de Sampaio
1910 Dr. Luciano Esteves dos Santos Jr.
1910/11 Dr. Vicente Pacheco Taques
1910/17/18/19/20 Cap. Angelo Pixitelli
1912/1913 Cap. Francisco Sérgio de Toledo
1912/13/16 Dr. Francisco de Paula Souza
1914 Humberto Armbruster
1914 Mário de Souza Queiroz
1915/16/25 Horácio de Campos Barros
1917 Alberto Ferreira da Silva
1917/18 Dr. Francisco de Oliveira Chagas
1919 Antonio Henrique de Araújo
1920/21 Major Miguel Baptista Coimbra
1921 Cap. Olavo Ferreira
1922 Dr. Trajano de Barros Camargo
1923 Joaquim Manoel Pereira
1923 Sebastião Barbosa de Toledo
1923/25/26 Dr. João Carlos Baptista Levy
1924 Vicente Ferraz Pacheco
1924 Antonio Pacheco do Amaral
1926/27/28/29 Major José Levy Sobrinho
1927/28/30 Dr. Humberto Levy
1935/36 Dr. Gumercindo Godoy
1935/36 Antonio Diniz
1936/1937 Dr. Octávio Lopes Castello Branco
1936/1937 Henrique de Sampaio Barros
1948/1949/1950 Dr. Breno Machado Gomes
1951 Vitorio Lucato
1951 Sérgio Leopoldino Alves
1952/1953 Américo Francisco
1954/1955 Dr. Breno Machado Gomes
1956/57 Dr. Nathanael de Almeida Leitão
1958 Dr. Olindo De Luca
1959 Dr. Breno Machado Gomes
1960 Jorge Abdalla
1961/63 João Loureiro
1962/67/69/70 Dr. Antonio Guarino Sobrinho
1963/1968 Antonio Feres
23/09/1963 a 31/12/1963 Renato de Almeida
1964/65/66 Dr. Francisco Toledo Cabral de Vasconcellos
1965 José Mansur
1971/72 Dr. Milton Ferrari
1973/74 – 1977/78 Dr. Antonio De Gáspari
1975/1976 Vitório Bortolan
1975 Luiz Oswaldo Fagotti
1979 Marco Antonio Cover
1979/1980 Vitório Bortolan
1981/1982 Dr. Luiz Gothardo Bueno de Oliveira
1983/1984 Elza Sophia Tank Moya
1985/1986 Dr. José Ponzo
1987/1988 Elza Sophia Tank Moya
1989/1990 Vitório Bortolan Filho
1991/1992 José Carlos Pejon
1993/1994 Elza Sophia Tank Moya
1995/1996 Dr. Jurandir Bernardes Pereira
1996 Dr. Odair Antonio Ragazzo de Camargo
1997/1998 Antonio Montesano Neto
1999/2000 Dr. José Henrique Pilon
2001/2002 Dr. José Henrique Pilon
2003-2004 Dr. Jurandir Bernardes Pereira
2005-2006 Elza Sophia Tank Moya
2007/2008 Eliseu Daniel dos Santos
2009/2010 Eliseu Daniel dos Santos
2011/2012 Elza Sophia Tank Moya
2013/2014 Roney Martins

Benedito Carlos Toledo Lima

Nivaldo Navarro





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QUESTION 1 You are managing a SharePoint farm in an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. You need to configure a service account to use domain credentials. What should you do first? A. Configure the service account to use a domain user account. B. Register the domain credentials in the Farm Administrators group. C. Configure the service account to use a local user account. D. Register the domain credentials as a SharePoint managed account. Correct Answer: D Explanation QUESTION 2 A company named Contoso, Ltd. has a SharePoint farm. The farm has one Search service application configured. The Search service application contains five crawl databases, all of which contain content. Contoso plans to crawl knowledge base content from its partner company Litware, Inc. The knowledge base content must be stored in a dedicated crawl database. You need to configure crawling. What should you do? A. Add a crawl database that contains the Litware knowledge base to the existing Search service application. B. Provision a new Search service application. Configure the service application to crawl the Litware knowledge base content. C. Set the MaxCrawlDatabase parameter to 6. D. Create a dedicated Microsoft SQL Server instance for the Litware crawl database. Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference: The maximum number of crawl databases is 5 per Search service application so we need another Search service application. This maximum limit is increased to 15 with an Office 2013 update but the question doesn't mention that this update is installed so we have to assume the question was written before the update was released. QUESTION 3 A company uses SharePoint 2013 Server as its intranet portal. The Marketing department publishes many news articles, press releases, and corporate communications to the intranet home page. You need to ensure that the Marketing department pages do not impact intranet performance. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A. In Central Administration, set up a User Policy for the Super User and Super Reader accounts. B. Configure IIS to use the Super User and Super Reader accounts for caching. C. Use the Farm Configuration Wizard to configure the Super User and Super Reader accounts. D. Use Windows PowerShell to add the Super User and Super Reader accounts. Correct Answer: AD Explanation Explanation/Reference: A: The way to correct this problem is to first create two normal user accounts in AD. These are not service accounts. You could call them domain\superuser and domain\superreader, but of course that's up to you. The domain\superuser account needs to have a User Policy set for that gives it Full Control to the entire web application. D: If you are using any type of claims based authentication you will need to use Windows PowerShell. And Windows PowerShell is the hipper more modern and sustainable option anyway. If you are using classic mode authentication run the following cmdlets on one of your SharePoint servers: $w = Get-SPWebApplication "http:///" $w.Properties["portalsuperuseraccount"] = "domain\superuser" $w.Properties["portalsuperreaderaccount"] = "domain\superreader" $w.Update() If you are using claims based authentication run these cmdlets on one of your SharePoint servers: $w = Get-SPWebApplication "http:///" $w.Properties["portalsuperuseraccount"] = "i:0#.w|domain\superuser" $w.Properties["portalsuperreaderaccount"] = "i:0#.w|domain\superreader" $w.Update() Note: * If you have a SharePoint Publishing site and you check the event viewer every once in a while you might see the following warning in there: Object Cache: The super user account utilized by the cache is not configured. This can increase the number of cache misses, which causes the page requests to consume unneccesary system resources. To configure the account use the following command 'stsadm -o setproperty -propertynameportalsuperuseraccount -propertyvalue account -urlwebappurl'. The account should be any account that has Full Control access to the SharePoint databases but is not an application pool account. Additional Data: Current default super user account: SHAREPOINT\system This means that the cache accounts for your web application aren't properly set and that there will be a lot of cache misses. If a cache miss occurs the page the user requested will have to be build up from scratch again. Files and information will be retrieved from the database and the file system and the page will be rendered. This means an extra hit on your SharePoint and database servers and a slower page load for your end user. Reference: Resolving "The super user account utilized by the cache is not configured." QUESTION 4 You are managing a SharePoint farm. Diagnostic logs are rapidly consuming disk space. You need to minimize the amount of log data written to the disk. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A. Set the log event level to Information. B. Set the log event level to Verbose. C. Set the log trace level to Medium. D. Set the log trace level to Verbose. E. Set the log event level to Warning. F. Set the log trace level to Monitorable. Correct Answer: EF Explanation Explanation/Reference: E: Event Levels Warning, Level ID 50 Information, Level ID: 80 Verbose, Level ID: 100 F: Trace levels: Monitorable: 15 Medium: 50 Verbose: 100 Note: When using the Unified Logging System (ULS) APIs to define events or trace logs, one of the values you must supply is the ULS level. Levels are settings that indicate the severity of an event or trace and are also used for throttling, to prevent repetitive information from flooding the log files. Reference: Trace and Event Log Severity Levels QUESTION 5 A company's SharePoint environment contains three web applications. The root site collections of the web applications host the company intranet site, My Sites, and a Document Center. SharePoint is configured to restrict the default file types, which prevents users from uploading Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) files. The company plans to require employees to maintain copies of their .pst files in their My Site libraries. You need to ensure that employees can upload .pst files to My Site libraries. In which location should you remove .pst files from the blocked file types? A. The File Types area of the Search service application section of Central Administration B. The General Security page in the site settings for the site collection C. The Blocked File Types page in the site settings for the site collection D. The General Security section of the Security page of Central Administration Correct Answer: D Explanation